Tri-county Tropical Fish society


Members and friends of Tri-County Tropical Fish Society of Peoria, Illinois

We are interested in promoting the Tropical fish hobby though education and active involvement.

Meeting Information

Meetings held at

3010 N Sterling Ave., Peoria, IL 61604 Look for the fish club sign in the door.

Meeting Information

Next Meeting

August 9, 2022

Dinner and Social hour at 6:00PM

Meeting at 7:00PM

Program, Mike Hellweg ‘Nano Fish” This talk introduces the popular so-called Nano Fish - small fish from several families that have become wildly popular in the past decade. Sometimes, however, hobbyists assume that just because fish are tiny, they can live in tiny tanks. That’s not always the case! We’ll look at the nano tanks themselves, and about 3 dozen nano species including their care, feeding and even their breeding, which is sometimes simpler than I might think. Mike Hellweg has published books on live foods for fish and has two more books coming out later this year. He is an accomplished fish breeder, and has spawned over 475 species representing 33 families of fish. Mike will be joining us via Zoom from the St.Louis area. The meeting is in person at the Hiawatha Comm. center, with Mike’s live presentation projected. This will be interactive, if you have questions, Mike is happy to answer them.

Bowl show.


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Swap Meet Information

Tri-County Tropical Fish Society

Tri-County Fish Swap

American Legion, 4501 S Airport Rd., Bartonville, IL 61607,

On September 10th from 11 AM until 2 PM.


Food and beverages available for purchase at the venue.

For questions or to rent a table, contact Swap Coordinator at

Photos from Our First Swap